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Think Like an Interior Designer and Create the Perfect Room In Your Home

Think Like an Interior Designer and Create the Perfect Room In Your Home

Professional interior designers put together a variety of strategies to design the interiors of a room. Although the strategies vary from designer to designer, the core concepts of design principles still remain the same. Although these design fundamentals are modified and made to adapt in different environments, the core concept remains the same. Having suitable knowledge of how these fundamentals work will give you better inside on planning and easy you think the decor of your house.

Working around the actual limitations of a structure or a layout is very starting point of the design process. Before you jump to creating an interior decor scheme that is similar to what you seen in a design magazine or on the internet, focus on the functionality of the room. The end goal must be comfortable to use and practical for the end-user. Oftentimes what is seen on paper may not translate in a decor scheme, therefore, an alternative is to have Plan B layout as well. Also, a decor scheme for a small compact room is completely different to decorating a larger space. Furniture that may work in a smaller space may not always work in a larger one, and vice versa. click to read more

Keeping this in mind, interior designers keep in mind, scaling and proportion of the different elements in the room. Before heading out to buy any piece of furniture or art or even accessories , it is crucial to size everything up. The goal here is to have all the elements the room coming together and not fight for attention.

The colours and textures used in the room have a significant impact on the end result. It is widely proven that colours have an impact on human influencing their moods and behaviours, thus interior designers pay close attention to the colours used on the walls, the floor, textures and patterns used on the furniture and accessories while planning the layout.

Common Kitchen Layouts

Common Kitchen Layouts

Kitchens can be fitted in a number of layouts designed for every space. Further, these layouts can be customized to specific needs of a household. Several homeowners look to combine their cooking space with other utilities or hobbies such as a combining it with a extended indoor herb and vegetable garden.

Additionally the concept of open kitchens have also been gaining popularity over the years. the idea of the open kitchen is to open up the kitchen space by combining it with other areas of the house such as the dining area, passage ways etc. Depending on the layout of the cookery a variety of design can be explored. The most common layouts being the L shaped design, the parallel kitchens, peninsula kitchen layouts, straight kitchens and U shaped kitchens are the most popular. Useful reference

These layouts can also be used in combination of a kitchen island all dependent on the space available.  For small space the L shaped layout or the straight kitchen are the best fit. Most apartments in Goa are on an average of 22-30m2 making these installations a perfect fit. Parallel kitchens and U shaped kitchens work best when there is an area of at 50-60m2 of open space in the floor plan designated for the kitchen area.

The placement of the windows and doors in the architectural design also have an impact on the layout design. On the L shaped design the sink is usually is placed on the smaller section of the countertop. In addition to layouts plenty of thought must be put into the placement of the kitchen appliances, the lighting both artificial and natural, the choice of colors for the walls and the cabinetry and also the type of ventilation that will be used in the room.